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Arizona Tax Credit Program


Tax Credit donations provide critical funding for public school athletics at no cost to the generous donors.  You can help our student-athletes get the most out of a comprehensive education by enhancing their interscholastic experience with contributions through Arizona's tax credit program.  Contributing is easy and the impact is immense.  Your tax credit contribution gives students an edge by learning more and doing better in their classes since kids who play sports in school are more likely to stay in school and succeed academically. 

More importantly, studies have shown that girls who play sports are more likely to graduate from college, land competitive jobs and work in male-dominated industries.  What's more, a survey by Ernst & Young and espnW found that 94% of women executives participated in sports and more than half played at the collegiate level.  Our mission is to prepare young women for the future and your tax contribution will promote this endeavor.

The Arizona Department of Revenue has issued guidelines which allow an individual income tax credit of up to $400 (joint return) or $200 (single return) for any fees contributed by an individual taxpayer to a public school for the support of extra curricular activities (ARS 43-1089).  A tax credit is a full refund of your money.  It is not a requirement that the taxpayer have a child enrolled at Ironwood Ridge High School to donate.

What YOU Will Get...

  • A dollar-for-dollar tax credit off your Arizona State Income Tax return.  
    This is not a deduction… you are able to direct some of the money owed to where you want by making the donation.  For a change, you will decide how your tax dollars are spent!

  • An itemized deduction off your Federal Income Tax return.  Check with your tax advisor on how this contribution could reduce your Federal tax liability.

  • The knowledge that you’ve helped student-athletes achieve an experience they’ll remember for a lifetime!  Your generous support assists our efforts to promote personal growth through athletics.  

What the STUDENTS Will Get...

Any contribution to the Ironwood Ridge High School Volleyball Program greatly helps enhance the high school interscholastic experience for deserving student-athletes in the community.
Tax credit money is used for additional quality volleyball equipment including quality volleyballs, team bags and warm-ups, along with training and video review software, and facility improvements.  

Tax credit money also helps pay for team travel expenses and additional assistant coach salaries and tutors, giving each student-athletes more guidance and personal instruction during the season.





Your tax credit contribution helps our group of high-preforming student-athletes achieve their goals and promotes women's athletics.

  • Are these camps only for Ironwood Ridge High School students?
    No, the volleyball camps are open to anyone who desires to improve their volleyball skills prior to the high school season. Amphitheater Unified School District does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion/religious beliefs, gender, sex, age, national origin, sexual orientation, creed, citizenship status, marital status, political beliefs/affiliation, disability, home language, family, social or cultural background in its programs or activities and provides equal access to the Boy Scouts and other designated youth groups. Inquiries regarding the District’s non-discrimination policies are handled at 701 W. Wetmore Road, Tucson, Arizona 85705 by Frances Araujo Lopez, Equity & Safety Compliance Officer and Title IX Coordinator, (520) 696-5081,, or Kristin McGraw, Executive Director of Student Services, (520) 696-5230,
  • Are the camps open to both boys and girls?
    With the exception of the All-Skills Camps, we offer the camps to both genders, however some of the summer camps are specifically geared toward preparing the girls for the upcoming season in August. Boys now have their own camp session with skill development geared towards the men's game. The Youth Clinics are always open to boys and girls.
  • How do we register for the camp?
    Camp registration must be completed online at our Camp Registration Portal. There will be a convenience charge by Camp Network when registering online. If you need to register and pay for the camp in person, please contact the Camp Director for arrangements - this will need to be completed at least 10 days prior to the start of the camp session.
  • Who are the Ironwood Ridge Volleyball Camp Coaches?
    Ironwood Ridge head coach Bill Lang, along with the volleyball program's coaching staff, set up the curriculum for training. Camp coaches include the Nighthawk Coaching Staff and current Varsity players, but the Ironwood Ridge Volleyball Camps may bring in club and high school coaches from around Tucson, as well as experienced college coaches.
  • My child will be attending Ironwood Ridge, does she need to attend camps to make the volleyball team?
    No. Volleyball camps are offered as an opportunity for prospective players to improve their skills before the high school season and tryouts. While the camps may help a player make a volleyball team, non-attendance will never hurt a player's chances at tryouts. The camps help promote advanced volleyball in the community and at Ironwood Ridge.
  • My daughter will be entering the sixth grade, what camps are available to her?
    The Youth Volleyball Clinics are available for players entering the sixth grade and younger. These clinics use lighter volleyballs and a lower net. In addition, she could attend the Novice/Intermediate Skills Camp in June and the high school Championship All-Skills Camp in July. All campers in the high school camps are grouped by age and ability level, so each camper will be working out with players of equal skill.
  • Is there a limit to the camp enrollment?
    Yes. The camps are limited with court space and the player-to-coach ratio. Therefore, each camp session has enrollment cap to ensure that the camp remains a quality experience for all campers. Please register early. Historically, the camps have become very popular and have filled-up fast. The registration deadlines allow the camp director enough time to plan for the camp enrollment and secure enough quality coaches. Once the enrollment cap has been reached, the camp will form a waiting list.
  • Is there a limit to the number of camps a player can attend?
    No...players are encouraged to enroll in as many camps as they desire. Just make sure that the camp matches your grade for the Fall and your personal goal for the camp and/or particular session.
  • Is registration available at the door? Are there charges for late registrations?
    Camp registration must be completed in advance online at our Camp Registration Portal. There is a $25 fee per session for all late registrations. Late registration is established for any registration received later than one week before each camp session. This will include attempting to register at the camp check-in. Please email the camp director if you need to complete any late registrations at the door.
  • My child will miss one of the camp dates, can they still attend the remaining dates?
    Yes, of course. Please keep in mind that each camp session is progressive, where the curriculum is built upon each day, however, if you have a conflict and need to miss a session, the camp coaches will do their best to keep each camper up to task. The tuition will stay the same - we are unable to prorate the cost.
  • What is the refund procedure?
    All refund requests must be made IN WRITING/EMAIL before the camp session start date - there may be an administrative fee for any refund. All refund requests should be directed to camp director Bill Lang. There will be NO refund of camp fees after the start date for reasons other than documented medical conditions.



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