The great thing about being a Nighthawk Volleyball player is that you get to be a part of a program and school that thrive on building tradition and excellence...


This means that you are committed to hard work and dedication not only on the court, but off the court as well ... It means playing in front of some of the loudest and most supportive fans in the city ... It means playing against the best teams in the State in one of the highest Divisions ... It means traveling to compete ... It means wearing the school colors with pride ... It means doing your best in athletics and academics ...

If you have what it takes to reach our level, we'd like to see you at Player Evaluations!


The Ironwood Ridge Volleyball program strives to be a model program - promoting dedication, commitment, pride, loyalty confidence, competitive spirit, and tradition.  Our tradition of athletic and academic excellence began in 2001 with our first teams and we believe that it is the responsibility of every student-athlete to maintain that tradition of excellence.  We believe that the volleyball court is an extension of the classroom as stated in our coaching philosophy… a place where we strive to promote the development of the whole person. 


COACHING PHILOSOPHY:  Our main philosophical belief is that we want players to be better people when they walk out of here, in addition to being great volleyball players.  High school athletics provide student-athletes with excellent real-life situations and guidance without real-life consequences.  We believe this is a fundamental element of participation in the volleyball program.  We subscribe to the theory that the competitive athletic experience can enhance social development, contribute to mental and physical health, as well as teach the values of teamwork, goal-setting, responsibility, self-discipline, and self-motivation.  


In the IRVB system, each player must understand and appreciate their role on the team and in the program.  Further, players will understand and appreciate the values of discipline, accountability, sacrifice, selflessness, determination, competitive spirit, commitment, teamwork, and pride




The transition from middle school volleyball to high school volleyball can be difficult.  Playing in middle school is not required to play volleyball at Ironwood Ridge, however prospective student-athletes must understand that at the high school level, the commitment level requires that all practices, meetings, and competitions are mandatory.

  • The High School Season is longer (August – October)

  • High School Practices are typically scheduled five times a week 

  • High School Competitions are every week, scheduled at 4:00 PM; 5:00 PM; 6:00 PM


At Ironwood Ridge, the Indoor Volleyball Program competes during the Fall Season (August-November) and the Beach Team plays in the Spring Season (February-May). All practices, meetings, and competitions are mandatory for both programs.


  • IRVB offers three levels:  Varsity, Junior Varsity, Novice (Sophomores/Freshmen)

    • Each Team typically carries 12-14 players on the roster​

  • IRVB practices six times a week (including most Saturdays)

  • High School Competitions are every week, generally two matches (or a total of 18 matches)


  • IRVB Beach offers two levels:  Varsity, Junior Varsity​

  • IRVB Beach practices four times a week

  • High School Beach Competitions feature 5 pairs (10 players total) and two alternates



Volleyball is a team sport where everyone works hard together. The goal of the coaching staff is to place players in the best situation for the success of the program first, then each team, and finally, the players’ individual development. Competition for a team uniform, playing time, and/or a starting position at Ironwood Ridge will be intense.  We believe that selection to a high school team is an honor and privilege.


Volleyball Tryouts begin August 9, 2021.

For more information regarding the start of the 2021 Season, please visit our Pre-Season Information page. 



With the concerns regarding COVID-19 and the school closures, the volleyball program will not be hosting the annual Volleyball Informational Meetings this season.  There will be a Virtual Meeting held on Zoom the first week in June to provide updates regarding the 2021 Volleyball Season, player evaluations and tryouts, as well as Off-Season opportunities during this unprecedented time.

Coach Lang will host the the meeting and discuss anything prospective player/parents may want to know about the volleyball program, including the IRVB Philosophy, academic standards, player expectations, training/competition schedule, Off-Season training, and the 2021 team tryouts.


Considering any possible coronavirus restrictions this summer, the IRVB Coaching Staff will set-up Google Classrooms in order to engage in a virtual setting.  The Google Classroom will include all information specifically related to preparing for the 2021 Volleyball Season during the summer - workouts/drills/training, player/team meetings, camp information, and journal entries.

All prospective players participating in the IRVB Off-Season Google Classroom and Off-Season Activities must be enrolled (or in the process of being enrolled) at Ironwood Ridge High School. 

New players should email Coach Lang at blang@amphi.com for the Join Code.  Please make sure to include the Player Name, Player Email Address, Player Cell Phone Number, Year, and Last School Attended (2020-21).


All prospective student-athletes must have a current clearance packet (including a current physical and health history form) on file with the Athletic Department BEFORE they are allowed to participate in any off-season activities. Physicals for the 2021 season must be dated on or after March 1, 2021. 

Please contact the Athletic Department with any questions or concerns.



As you prepare to explore being a part of the Volleyball Program, you'll notice the work ethic of the student-athletes and coaching staff as they get ready for a new season.  Preparation is the key to maintaining a top-notch volleyball program. Ironwood Ridge has built a strong tradition of developing excellent volleyball players and teams. Expectations are high here and you must make a choice to share these expectations or make the commitment to meet them. Those that wish to become a member of one of our teams, at some point, will need to put in the work in order to be successful.

Ironwood Ridge Volleyball provides a comprehensive Off-Season Program open to all current and prospective student-athletes at Ironwood Ridge High School, specifically designed to acclimate players into the volleyball program and to provide opportunities to improve as a player. 

Please review these training activities on the Off-Season Opportunities to plan your Summer and Fall.