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Player Evaluations and Team Selections

Welcome to the Ironwood Ridge Volleyball Tryouts!  There are two parts of our tryout process... the Player Evaluations and the Team Selections and all will be completed during the first week of the Pre-Season.  Please check the Tryout Schedule, as all athletes will be expected to attend each session unless otherwise directed by the Coaching Staff.  If you have any conflicts with the Tryout Schedule, please contact the Coaching Staff as soon as possible.  Please note that family vacations are not an acceptable excuse for missing tryouts.


Player Evaluations will be the first two days, followed by one to three days of Team SelectionsAll prospective student-athletes will have at least three days of evaluation provided that they have their Athletic Clearance completed on time. 


The Player Evaluation Sessions are split into group sessions.  This allows the coaching staff to effectively evaluate all prospective players quickly and fairly prior to the Team Selections.​  All tryout sessions will begin on time – please plan on checking in at least 15 minutes prior to the start time.



Expect to be on time.  All tryout sessions will begin on time – please plan on checking in at least 15 minutes prior to the start time.Ex

Expect to work hard.  Volleyball is a team sport where everyone works hard together.  The goal of the coaching staff is to place players in the best situation for the success of the program first, then each team, and finally, the players’ individual development. 

Expect to be challenged.  Competition for a team uniform, playing time, and/or a starting position will be intense. 

Player Evaluations (at all levels) will include the following:

  • Attitude Evaluation:  Each training session is designed to incorporate practice-like instruction and feedback from the volleyball coaching staff.  Prospective student-athletes will be evaluated on their coachability, motivation, and maturity.  Students with campus discipline issues may not be considered. 

  • Athletic Testing: All prospective student-athletes will be put through a series of physical testing to measure each athletes overall athletic ability and level of conditioning. 

  • Skill/Competition Evaluation: The final criteria will be a comprehensive evaluation of how well student-athletes respond in competitive situations.  Skill and positional need is considered during this evaluation.

  • Player Interview: The staff will ask candidates what they believe their contribution to the program will be.



All prospective student-athletes need to be dressed out and prepared for practice - returning athletes should be wearing their practice uniform.  The PE Locker Room and/or Athletic Locker Room will be available after school to change, and then will be locked during the practice sessions.  During the tryouts, please keep your belongings with you until teams have been announced and locks have been issued for the Athletic Locker Room.



  1. Volleyball-specific shoes or court shoes

  2. T-shirt (tucked in), volleyball shorts or spandex (no jean shorts or items with zippers)

  3. Kneepads

  4. Water Bottle (with lid)

  5. Backpack or Sports Bag (This is used to keep your personal items in. Please keep track of this in the gym.)


  • Non-court shoes


    • All jewelry, including earrings, must be removed during high school practices and/or competitions.

    • Jewelry is restricted in high school volleyball.  This rule is different from club volleyball.

  • Skin lotion.  (Lotions tend to transfer to the floor and create slick/slippery spots that are potentially dangerous.)

  • Please do not bring any electronic devices (I-Pods, ear-pods, etc.) to the gym.

  • Cell phones are to be turned OFF (or set to silent) during all training sessions



The standards and expectations are high for the Nighthawk Volleyball Program and the selection of student-athletes.  Players must be willing to share our Commitment to Excellence on and off the volleyball court.


VARSITY TEAM CANDIDATES: Participating athletes must possess a working knowledge of offensive/defensive systems and terminology that is consistent with that of the Nighthawk Volleyball system.  Prospective athletes must also possess a level of athleticism, fitness, and technical ability consistent with that of a high level varsity players.

Team selections for the top players will be based on results from a Competitive Matrix that will score and rank each varsity candidate’s athletic ability and level of competitiveness.  Further criteria will include the positional needs of the team as well as a Player Interview to discuss each candidate's character—meaning their conduct on and off the court, citizenship, commitment, and the varsity candidate’s academic performance.

Academically ineligible players will not be considered for the Varsity team.

JUNIOR VARSITY TEAM AND SOPHOMORE/FRESHMAN TEAM CANDIDATES: Selection will be based mainly on the potential for improvement.  The main criteria for each prospective player (in this order) will be:

  1. Attitude (it must be positive and competitive; athletes must have a growth-mindset)

  2. Athletic Ability (including quantitative athletic testing)

  3. Positional skill and/or Potential

Junior Varsity athletes must possess a working knowledge of offensive/defensive systems consistent with that of a typical varsity program. Athletes must also possess a level of fitness and technical ability consistent with of a mid-level varsity player. Other criteria may include the candidate’s academic performance and conduct on and off the court on campus. Academically ineligible players may not be selected in most cases.

The main criteria for our Sophomores/Freshmen Team will be coachable players that have a great work ethic and possess the ability to learn offensive/defensive systems. Prior volleyball experience may help, but is not required.

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