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Coach Information

Ironwood Ridge Volleyball welcomes you and your team to our campus for Volleypalooza 2024!  This two-day tournament will give your team some great matches to complement a successful season.  The tournament (formally named the Wild West Volleyball Festival) began in 2005 with nine teams and has grown over the past 20 years to over 20 teams and over 400 volleyball players on campus.

Please review the following pre-tournament information regarding the event.  Complete information will be emailed to all coaches the week of the event.  In the meantime, if you have any questions or concerns, please email the Tournament Director.


The festival format will consist of two rounds of competition: a round-robin pool play on Friday and a modified double-elimination bracket on Saturday.  Each team will play at least three matches in pool play and all teams (regardless of record) will advance to one of the Championship brackets on Saturday. 

  • This tournament is unique in that all teams are seeded together regardless of age or level.

  • The Volleypalooza tournament is an invitational event that will use the NFHS Volleyball rule-book.

  • There are no playing time or line-up rules for this event.  Coaches are free to manage their team’s roster as they wish to provide the best tournament experience for their players.



  • Pool Play Format:  All matches on Friday are either the best two-of-three sets or two sets - depending on format.  Sets 1 and 2 will be played to 25, with a two-point advantage.  Pool play matches will have a 27-point cap on non-deciding sets.  If needed, a deciding set will be played to 15, no cap.

    • Pool Play formats may differ depending on the number of teams to avoid a late night for all teams.

  • Bracket Format: All play-off matches will be best two-of-three sets.  Sets 1 and 2 will be played to 25.  If needed, a deciding set will be played to 15, no cap.  There will be no cap on deciding sets for any play-off matches on Saturday. 




    • The Facility will open at 3:00 PM for Teams; and at 3:30 PM for Spectators


    • The Facility will open at 8:15 AM

    • The last match is tentatively scheduled for 3:00 PM


The schedule and results will be posted online at Advanced Event Systems.

Coaches/Parents can track the team’s progress and/or check the next playing assignment.



The times listed on the tournament schedule will be an estimate only - competition is unpredictable, therefore some matches will be short (on time) while others may go longer than expected. 

  • Each match will begin approximately 10 minutes following the conclusion of the previously scheduled match.

    • For example, if a team has a scheduled match time of 4:45 PM and the previous match on the court ends at 4:20 PM, then the 4:45 PM match will start at 4:30 PM.  Likewise, if the previous match ends at 4:55 PM, then the 4:45 PM match will start at 5:05 PM .

  • All players should remain on campus until the conclusion of their last match to avoid any forfeits related to an earlier start.

  • Please check with your coach before leaving campus for any reason.  

Each match will begin 10 minutes after the completion of the previous match and/or round.  The first two minutes will be shared for ball control.  Beginning with the serving team, each team will be given the court for four (4) minutes (for hitting and/or serving) followed by the receiving team’s four (4) minutes.  
There is no shared hitting, unless both coaches agree.


Practice volleyballs and carts will be provided for all teams to warm-up and volleyballs must remain in the gym at all times.  If your players wish to practice with a ball outside, you must bring your own volleyballs.

Each match will be officiated by varsity volleyball players under the supervision of the Ironwood Ridge Volleyball coaching staff and an AIA Lead Official.  All of our athletes have attended Officiating Clinics and are certified by USA Volleyball. 

  • If you have any questions concerning the officiating, please direct them immediately to the Lead Official or the Tournament Director.

All ball-handling will be called sparingly for this event provided players are making an athletic effort on the ball and the ball travels in a straight line; in other words, if the setter gets their feet to the ball and the ball stays on the same side of the net.  Any ball that is caught, lifted, or thrown that leads to an unfair advantage for the team will be called by the official. 

  • If you feel the officials need to tighten up their criteria, please see the the Lead Official or the Tournament Director.

The Tournament Director will use the following procedures to break any ties that might exist after the conclusion of the Friday’s round-robin pool play.  

  • For any two-way tie among teams, head-to-head results will be used to break the tie.

  • For three-way or four-way ties among teams, the following procedure will be used:

    1. Sets Won Ratio (games won divided by games played)

    2. Points Ratio (points earned divided by points lost)

    3. if still tied, a coin toss will decide final seed (unless the tie involves teams advancing to the Gold Division)

      • There will not be any play-off games to break any tie, unless it involves teams advancing to the Gold Division’s Bracket.

      • Any play-off game will be one game to 25, no cap.


If needed, tie break sets will be played immediately following competition on Friday evening; unless both coaches agree to play the tiebreak on Saturday morning at 8:30 AM.

There will be an Award's Ceremony immediately following the Championship Match on Saturday afternoon.  All teams are encouraged to stay if possible.

  • A Championship, Runner-Up, and a Third Place trophy will be awarded in the Gold Division. 

  • Individually, medals (15) will be given to all players/coaches of the top three teams in the Gold Division. 

  • The Silver Division will award the top two teams and the Bronze Division will award the top team.

Fifteen (15) All-Tournament Team players will receive medals.  Coaches must submit a nomination form before leaving on Friday to have their players considered for the All-Tournament team.

An Athletic Trainer may be available during the tournament for any injuries.  Ice will be provided for injuries only.


Coaches should check-in each day at the Tournament Desk.  Complete tournament results and seeding will be posted at the Tournament Desk, as well as the team’s next playing assignment. 


A concessions stand and food trucks will be available during all matches on Friday and Saturday.  Your snack bar purchases help support the Ironwood Ridge Volleyball Program while also enjoying some tasty treats at the concessions!

  • Tables in the gym foyer/lobby are reserved for the concessions stand – any outside food must remain outside the building. 

  • Parents/Teams may use the outside patio tables for team tables and outside food.   



Coaches must be aware of the polices and procedures of this event.  By entering the high school facility for this event, all participants, coaches, and spectators are subject to the Terms & Agreement of the event.  In addition, all participants and spectators agree to abide by the Spectator Code of Conduct below as required by Ironwood Ridge High School, the Amphitheater School District, and the Arizona Interscholastic Association.

Please forward the Spectator Information to all parents attending the event.  We have asked schools not to attend this event when the parents have ruined the experience for the young student-athletes.  Thank you in advance for your cooperation.


2475 W. Naranja Drive.  Oro Valley, AZ 85742

  • Please review our campus map for the location of the school's gyms

The Ironwood Ridge High School Student Parking Lot will be used for all Volleypalooza Teams and Spectators

  • Please plan accordingly on Friday at 4:00 PM to avoid heavy traffic during student pick-up

  • PLEASE NOTE FOR 2024 EVENT - there will be three events on campus on April 12 (Volleypalooza, a Track and Field Invitational, and Talent Show) and parking on campus will be difficult.  Please plan ahead and obey all parking instructions and locations for Volleypalooza.

    • BUS PARKING:  More Information will be posted here the week of the event

    • SPECTATOR PARKING: More Information will be posted here the week of the event


Please note that this event uses five (5) auxiliary practice courts for competition.  Bleacher seating will be limited and we’ll have additional chairs set-up to create additional seating for spectators.  Please do not move the provided chairs to avoid blocking doors and fire access lanes.

  • Bleachers and chairs are provided for spectators watching the current match in progress. 

  • Athletes will have additional areas to sit between matches.

  • Outside chairs are not allowed on the gym floor.

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